Teresa Sullinger
Poem grown for her partner’s 45th birthday

“cin, I love the poem! Thank you so much!
You are amazingly talented and it is perfect.”

Marc Kelly Smith,
Creator/founder of the International Poetry Slam Movement

“Her poetry has hushed and stirred audiences in Chicago for the past twenty-five years. It takes a special heart and mind to uncover and articulate vividly the human experience with truth, beauty, and grace. cin has such a mind and heart.”

Rebecca Wheeler
Poem grown for her daughter’s 7th birthday

“ ...Thirty years after receiving it, the poem from my Grandmother hangs on my wall, and reminds me each time I stop to glance or fully read it, of the special bond we share. My Grandmother is no longer with us on this earth but her words are with me and through them I feel her presence.


“In this same spirit I was delighted to have cin write a customized poem for my daughter Julia, named after my poetry-loving Grandmother. cin sat with me and listened intently as I painted a verbal picture of our daughter, about to turn seven. cin wove the details of the stories I told and the personality I described, and captured the essence of Julia so beautifully in a poem entitled ‘Frost and Feathers’.


“In a culture where ‘stuff’ comes and goes with very little thought and appreciation, it was a deeply gratifying process to work with cin and have her create something so personal and lasting. ”

Cynthia Von Orthal
Artistic Director, Von Orthal Puppets

“Before I heard cin salach perform, I didn’t quite understand poetry… then cin took the stage and breathed life into this mysterious language …it came alive for me in a way I had never heard before...it’s like hearing an amazingly gifted actor speak Shakespeare and being delighted not only by the meaning, but also the emotion the words were intended to make one feel.”